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“We have moved!  The Toy Library now has a fabulous new home on Tuesdays, at Vallis Community Room… as well as our lovely Wednesday home with at the Library”.  (see below for details of times plus how to join as a member) ” 

We took over the Toy Library in October 2017 and just love it! Not only does it allow families to borrow from a huge range of toys and games, it also offers weekly stay and play sessions where families can dedicate time to playing with their little ones in a safe and nurturing environment. Become a member for just £20 per family per year (£10 for families on benefits) and you can borrow our toys for FREE (there is a small charge for some very special toys). To join just complete the form below.


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Please now use the PayPal button to pay the £20 per family per year (£10 for families on benefits). We will send an email with your membership number after processing your application.

Please use the PayPal button below to pay for membership.

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Toy Library Memberships

Toy Library Terms and Conditions

We collect this information in order to monitor memberships and will contact you when your membership is about to expire. We will use your information for running the membership and for data analysis. Our mailing list will be used to contact you about Toy Library updates and events. Personal information will be kept securely and will be destroyed after your membership has expired.

Please tick the box in the form to give consent for us to store your details as outlined above              


  • There is a joining fee of £20 per family per year (£10 for families on benefits)
  • Toys may be borrowed by any person who has completed a membership form.
  • Toys need to be returned by the date shown in the register, in a clean and undamaged state.
  • Any lost or damaged toys must be replaced.
  • The Toy Library accepts no liability for loss, damage or injuries resulting in death, however caused, from the use of the library and its equipment.
  • The Toy Library reserves the right to terminate a Membership.
  • On becoming a Member parents and carers are agreeing to accept the terms and conditions of the Toy Library.
  • It is the Member’s responsibility to look carefully at the toys before choosing them to make sure that they are appropriate for the age and circumstances of the child.


Health and Safety

  • Please ensure that you supervise your children while selecting toys as they are your responsibility.
  • Toys that have small parts or are for water use need to be used under adult supervision at all times.
  • Toy Library staff will check toys for broken parts and remove those not fit for purpose.
  • Parents/carers must remove any unsafe packaging before allowing their child to use a toy.
  • Toys will be cleaned regularly with suitable cleaning materials.
  • Toys must be stored safely at home eg. toys with small parts kept out of reach of very young children, heavy toys stored safely.


Equal Opportunities

  • We will strive to respond to the individual ethnicity, gender, disability and religious needs of our Members.
  • Members will receive equal access to all equipment available regardless of ethnicity, gender, disability or ability. All Members will receive the same time for choosing toys and appropriate advice on which toy to borrow.
  • Staff will endeavour to ensure that resources reflect changing needs.
  • When becoming a Member of the Toy Library, Members agree to abide by the Equal Opportunities policy (available to read in Toy Library sessions). Incidents of racism, prejudice or discrimination may result in termination of Membership.