Activity Ideas for all

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Make a Map – your town, street, even your room …including invisible things only you can see!

Next time you are going out for a walk out  to play or even on a trip to the shop with adults, take a piece of paper and a pencil to make notes or better still switch on your own brilliant memory and tell it to take photos to keep in your head … as you observe:
– all the houses, shops and schools  near you.  What kind of colours or shapes are they?
– see any play equipment on your trip?
– trees and grass?  Or do you have a road in front of your house?
– are the roads straight or curved?  Are there traffic lights and crossroads?
– was your trip out mostly near meadows and a river?

When you return get any size of paper you like – if you can get a big piece (such as the back of some wallpaper or part of a big cardboard box that’s great but ordinary size will do) and make a map either of one area that you know best or of your whole journey; put in the ‘landmarks’ that would help other people recognise where you were .

Some people add a ‘key’  to explain what their signs and symbols mean; take a look here, see inside the box? 

If you have special things that only you know about or only you can see, such as where fairies live or where secret pirate treasure is buried or if you have a special place you love to go then you can just add that to your map too.  It’s your map so you can do what makes you happy!  

If you like, you could draw the roads, paths, trees and rivers on the paper first then, on another piece of paper, you can draw and cut-out separately the landmarks and features such as houses, shops, churches, schools (anything you like) and glue them on for a collage 3D effect.

You can make a map for anywhere – even the rooms inside your own house!


Binoculars – for spying out of the window or bird-watching on a walk!
Take a look at the different stage photos to find out how easy  this activity is; suitable for even very young children & if you use sticky tape not glue then it can be completed in just minutes!

1/Start with TWO toilet roll middles – decorate them in any way you like.  You can use pretty paper  or plain or you can paint and sticker them.  You can even put some glue and sparkles on them.

2/ If you’re covering them with plain or decorated paper then cut a rectangle to wrap round each tube (make sure it is long enough); apply glue to the paper, wrap it round the tube and HOLD IT IN PLACE while the glue dries – two or three rubber bands should help.

You can just decorate with markers, paint and stickers instead of stage 2, if you prefer.

3/ Glue the tubes together (or use double-sided tape) to make one ‘set’ of binoculars

4/ Add a ‘wrap strip’ of paper round the binoculars if you would like to make them sturdy and very professional-looking

5/ Make holes for strings to put a ‘neck strap’ through… then off you go!


Create Paper Flowers to place in a vase
 Inspired by the work of Birmingham based artist Nilupa Yasmin follow this 4 minute workshop and learn to make beautiful paper flowers; younger children will require the assistance of an older child or adult as this activities is a little more challenging – click here


Footprint-Painted Super Heroes, Princesses & fun Film Characters:   (click link to see more) Warning!  Best done away from carpets!   Handy hint:  try this art project outside with some water and an old towel hand!   


Make Elmer-The-Elephant – or any elephant at all – out of plastic a milk bottle (click link to see more): your elephant can be any colours you like – multi-coloured like the pictures or one colour like the video 


Rainbow Scavenger Hunt: OUTDOOR activity for a family walk:  if you walk in the woods or near flowers and trees, see if you can collect something for every single colour of the rainbow on your walk and complete the rainbow.  If you get enough you can stick them on the chart or if you prefer colouring you can use this template to make a colouring-rainbow instead.

Make a Postbox & Postcards;  post them & send them to people in your house, or to your teddies & dolls or write special messages for teachers & friends ready for when you see them again! (read below to find out how)
Instructions:   For the Post Box
1/starting with either an empty Pringles tube or an rectangular empty cereal box, paint it red (you’ll need 2 layers of paint at least; let them dry) or cover it with red paper or red tissue.
2/ Use the picture of ‘collection time’ to make a label to stick on your post box (once it is dry)
3/ Cut a small rectangular slot (near the top) for your letters
Instructions:  For the Postcards
1/ Using either old birthday and Christmas cards or old photographs, cut out little postcard shapes and, on the back draw a line down the middle:  one half for the message, one half for the address
2/ You can make your own postcards by drawing on little bits of card or you can cut our pictures from magazines and catalogues and stick them to the card.

Don’t forget to draw a stamp on each!  Now write to your friends, family, toys, people you want to give specials messages and best wishes to, pop them in the post and when you’re ready you can empty the box and deliver them!